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Jack Kerouac Would Have Been An Inspirational Photographer.

Not everybody knows that Jack Kerouac was an accomplished American novelist and poet. Generally associated with the “Beat” generation of the 1950’s, I’m writing about him here because his work was driven by his insatiable curiosity. He wrote about Catholicism and spirituality, jazz, promiscuity, Buddhism, drugs, poverty and importantly….travel. Indeed, one of his most important works, titled On The Road, was a spontaneous description of Kerouac’s road-trip adventures across the United States and Mexico. And it tells a fascinating story of humanity that memorializes an important part of our history and cultural evolution. Like Jack Kerouac…I am inspired to photograph humanity, past and present, to document and preserve the things we’ve built, the emotions we share, and to tell stories that inform others about the journey we call life.
1.What are you curious about?
Every one of us needs to find our own inspiration.  Without it, we have no filter to truly appreciate the things we see and…