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Do you see the light?

Generally speaking, light changes your perspective of ordinary things. In the early morning, there is a stillness created by the spotlight of a rising sun shining brightly on some things around you, leaving others in a hazy silhouette. It’s like you are awakening with the world…ushering in the day, more aware and more in tune with life. At the end of the day, as the sun is setting and casting an orange glow and subtle shadows, you can see and feel the transition…day to night. As a photographer, I am mesmerized by this phenomena. 
1.I am motivated to capture not just a picture, but the essence of the light. The soul of an object, landscape or person is infinitely different depending on the light. It could be harsh. It could be soft.  It could be cold and impersonal.  Or warm and intimate. That’s why when I’m traveling, I make a point to go for long walks before daybreak…to see and photograph things as they come to life; as they reveal themselves to my eyes and to the lens of my camera.…