Do you see the light?

Generally speaking, light changes your perspective of ordinary things. In the early morning, there is a stillness created by the spotlight of a rising sun shining brightly on some things around you, leaving others in a hazy silhouette. It’s like you are awakening with the world…ushering in the day, more aware and more in tune with life. At the end of the day, as the sun is setting and casting an orange glow and subtle shadows, you can see and feel the transition…day to night. As a photographer, I am mesmerized by this phenomena.  1.     I am motivated to capture not just a picture, but the essence of the light. The soul of an object, landscape or person is infinitely different depending on the light. It could be harsh. It could be soft.  It could be cold and impersonal.  Or warm and intimate. That’s why when I’m traveling, I make a point to go for long walks before daybreak…to see and photograph things as they come to life; as they reveal themselves to my eyes and to the

Jack Kerouac Would Have Been An Inspirational Photographer.

Not everybody knows that Jack Kerouac was an accomplished American novelist and poet. Generally associated with the “Beat” generation of the 1950’s, I’m writing about him here because his work was driven by his insatiable curiosity. He wrote about Catholicism and spirituality, jazz, promiscuity, Buddhism, drugs, poverty and importantly….travel. Indeed, one of his most important works, titled  On The Road , was a spontaneous description of Kerouac’s road-trip adventures across the United States and Mexico. And it tells a fascinating story of humanity that memorializes an important part of our history and cultural evolution. Like Jack Kerouac…I am inspired to photograph humanity, past and present, to document and preserve the things we’ve built, the emotions we share, and to tell stories that inform others about the journey we call life. 1.    What are you curious about? Every one of us needs to find our own inspiration.  Without it, we have no filter to truly appreciate the

The World Looks Richer If You Use The Right Filter.

No doubt you’re expecting an article about which filters work best with your camera.  But surprise…I’m not talking about a photographic accessory here. Instead, consider that “knowledge” is the filter that defines how you view the world; and in turn inspires the photos you take. 1.    Start with a little research. I’ve had the luxury of traveling all over the world. And one thing I always do is spend some time learning about the culture, history, industry, famous people, sights, festivals, and other interesting facts about the places I’m planning to visit. Not only do I feel more connected to my destination when I get there, I have a pre-planned schedule of places I want to see. And armed with a little knowledge, I see things differently than would an uninformed observer. That changes what I photograph as well as how I photograph it. For example, if there is a 13 th century church that was designed by a famous architect, I’ll look for a shot that prominently features the sty