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The World Looks Richer If You Use The Right Filter.

No doubt you’re expecting an article about which filters work best with your camera.  But surprise…I’m not talking about a photographic accessory here. Instead, consider that “knowledge” is the filter that defines how you view the world; and in turn inspires the photos you take.
1.Start with a little research. I’ve had the luxury of traveling all over the world. And one thing I always do is spend some time learning about the culture, history, industry, famous people, sights, festivals, and other interesting facts about the places I’m planning to visit. Not only do I feel more connected to my destination when I get there, I have a pre-planned schedule of places I want to see. And armed with a little knowledge, I see things differently than would an uninformed observer. That changes what I photograph as well as how I photograph it. For example, if there is a 13thcentury church that was designed by a famous architect, I’ll look for a shot that prominently features the style of that archi…